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What they say about Krug Scientific
Thank you very much for all of the highly professional and dedicated work you have done with [my graduate student] over the past months. … I think that [he] has benefited greatly from your support, and I am sure that this will help his written expression through the next stage of his career.”
- Scientia Prof Andrew Dzurak
  School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications
  University of New South Wales, Australia

“Thank you very much for editing my manuscript so carefully and I just want to say that Krug Scientific provides a very good service in English editing.”
- Dr Zengshan Xing
  Department of Optoelectronic Engineering, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

I am pleased to note that your Krug Scientific is providing a range of services that we may need quite regularly. Thank you very much for doing a good job with [my PhD student’s] thesis… I will forward [Krug Scientific’s] link to my researchers and they may find this very useful. Also, we will request your services for upcoming [research grant submissions].”
- PhD Supervisor
  University of New South Wales, Australia

Thank you very much for editing [my PhD student’s] chapters. We both think that the quality of the thesis has been improved significantly after your thorough editing... I am very impressed by your work and will highly recommend you to my other students and collaborators.”
- PhD Supervisor
  University of New South Wales, Australia

I would like to recommend you to my colleagues and graduate students… professional and serious service like yours is exactly what we need.
Dr Hong Gao
  Xi’an Shiyou University

“Wow, thank you very much for your detailed and constructive feedback. This will give us something to work on and help us to improve our proposal.”
Australian Research Council grant applicant

“Thanks for your excellent review. I haven't so far ever received such high quality feedback ... Thanks again!”
Australian Research Council grant applicant

“I worked with Dr Peter Krug when I was a postdoc at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. We had a tight cooperation in the research of advanced photonic components and coauthored several publications in Optics Express some of which got a citation over 100 in just five years. Peter is really a nice teacher and he gave me much help in paper preparation, especially for the points of how to achieve a logical organization, a beautiful figure and a clear expression. It is an important experience in my career and I do benefit from the cooperation with Peter. Now I encourage you (especially those whose native language is not English and who work on Optics) to search for the help from Krug Scientific if you need. I do believe you will benefit from it as I did.”
Prof Tuan Guo  
  Institute of Photonics Technology, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

“Thanks so much for this very detailed and useful feedback. I'll implement as much of it as I possibly can...”
Australian Research Council grant applicant

“Dr Peter Krug has a profoundly eloquent and straightforward way of expressing scientific and technical knowledge and ideas thanks to his widely educated personality and distinguished career in academia and industry (conducting research, teaching and developing novel photonic devices in a spectrum of different organizations). Authors publishing in many journals where only limited editing is performed, do not realize that the language and the way they express their scientific work is very important in attracting audience and facilitating dissemination of the authors' work and results... These authors can benefit tremendously and raise their chances of being published in highly cited journals and later entice readers when using Krug Scientific's services and help in composing and presenting their publications.”
Prof Ilya Golub
  Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada